Heart failure therapy and heart transplant

Children’s Minnesota cares for more pediatric heart patients than any other program in the state. When it comes to treating heart failure in children, we offer the best heart failure therapies– from medications to devices to transplants – to give them a long, healthy life.

Heart failure therapy

Our approach to treating pediatric heart failure is tailored to each unique patient but may include:

  • Medical management – Heart failure symptoms can be managed through a variety of medications specific to your child’s needs. This includes medications to manage heart rhythms, remove excess fluid, reduce blood pressure, help the heart pump more effectively, and more.
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) – When the heart can no longer effectively pump oxygenated blood, ECMO can temporarily take over to provide sufficient blood flow throughout the body.
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VADs) – Also known as a heart pump, VADs increase circulation throughout the body by assisting the weakened heart muscle in pumping blood to the body.

Kid-focused care, always

As the only heart program in the Midwest region dedicated solely to children, we specialize in a kid-focused brand of care. That’s why we provide services such as child life specialists, Star Studio, music therapy and more, to help kids feel like kids – even on their toughest days.

Heart transplant program

Sometimes heart failure therapy isn’t enough; this dedicated pediatric heart transplant program at Children’s Minnesota is among the most comprehensive pediatric cardiology services in the region.

If your child is a candidate for a heart transplant, the first step is an evaluation by our heart failure/heart transplant team. If your child is approved to be placed on the transplant waiting list, we will continue to manage your child’s condition with advanced heart failure therapies until a healthy donor heart becomes available.

After the transplant surgery, your child will receive comprehensive post-transplant care from our team including immunosuppression management and minimally-invasive rejection surveillance.  Finally, we create a long-term care plan to ensure a long and healthy future for your child and their new heart.

Our team’s approach to care is unique – we prefer to use less medication, perform less invasive testing and procedures, and use minimal immunosuppressant medications – this approach leads to less adverse side effects, better care and better outcomes.

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Meet the team

Our pediatric heart failure and pediatric heart transplant team is led by Robroy MacIver, MD, surgical director of heart failure and heart transplant. Additionally, the team is supported by:


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