Surgical repair of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

For children born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), there are two known treatment options:

  • A heart transplant.
  • A series of three surgeries that takes place over the first year of the child’s life.

In the three surgeries (called the Norwood, Glenn, and Fontan procedures), the heart is reconstructed to compensate for the otherwise-fatal defects.

In 1985, Children’s became one of a handful of pediatric hospitals nationwide to pioneer the three-part surgical treatment for HLHS. Today, Children’s has performed more of the three-stage surgeries than any other health care organization in Minnesota, with a 92% survival rate on the three-part surgeries performed between 2003-2007.

Review a study on outcomes of patients with HLHS at Children’s.

For a consultation with a pediatric cardiologist or pediatric cardiac surgeon about a patient with HLHS, call Children’s Heart Clinic at 1-800-938-0301.