Caring for kids wherever you are

When it comes to receiving palliative or hospice care from Children’s Minnesota, location is no barrier. Nearly every visit with a Children’s Minnesota palliative or hospice team member begins with a physician referral if your child’s doctor thinks he ir she could benefit from palliative care services.

Where that first—and subsequent—visits take place depends on where your child is located and how he or she is feeling:

  • If your child is being treated at the hospital, we’ll be at their bedside.
  • If your child is at home and able to go to school, as many of the children who receive palliative care are, you can schedule visits at our outpatient clinic in Minneapolis.
  • If your child is too sick to leave home and located within 30 miles of our Minneapolis and St. Paul facilities, our home care team can come to you.

Most consultations with the pediatric advanced care team begin with a physician or nurse practitioner medical assessment. We get to know each child, as well as his or her illness and symptoms. We then devise a plan to meet your family’s needs. This may involve additional assessments with a social worker, psychologist or specialist with the interdisciplinary pain clinic. Perhaps your child may benefit from therapeutic massage, physical therapy or music therapy. We’ll arrange it all for you.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.