What is clubfoot?

Clubfoot, also known as talipes equinovarus, is a congenital (from birth) condition that causes one or both feet to turn inward and point downward, making it impossible for the feet to lie flat on the ground. Children with clubfoot usually are diagnosed while newborns and sometimes are diagnosed prenatally.

What is the prognosis for children with clubfoot?

Children who undergo treatment for clubfoot typically are able to participate fully in athletics and other activities. Many notable citizens and prominent athletes, including ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi, soccer champion Mia Hamm, and professional football quarterback Troy Aikman, were born with clubfoot.

How is clubfoot treated?

Treatment for clubfoot begins in the first few months of life and begins with special massage and stretching of the foot and leg. Then, your child will be fitted with a series of leg and foot casts. Later, special shoes and leg braces must be worn. Surgery is only necessary in cases where the massage, casting, and braces fail. After surgery, your child will wear a cast and may use a brace. Because clubfoot can recur, it’s important for children to continue to be seen in follow-up medical visits until they are finished growing.

About clubfoot surgery at Children’s

The surgery for clubfoot is performed by the accomplished pediatric orthopedic surgery team at Children’s. Orthopedic surgery teams at Children’s provide next-generation care to children from throughout the Upper Midwest and consistently perform some of the most cutting-edge surgical procedures available, including minimally invasive surgery, when appropriate. Clubfoot surgery is performed at Children’s – Minneapolis, Children’s – St. Paul, and Children’s West.

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