Patient and family resources

Preparing your child for surgery

It’s important to help your child understand what to expect for surgery. To help you and your family prepare for surgery, we’ve compiled Children’s Minnesota resources specific to parents, teens and kids. Learn more.

Comfort Promise

Few things are more heartbreaking than seeing your child in pain. That’s why, at Children’s Minnesota, we have a program, and a philosophy, that’s dedicated to keeping kids as pain-free as possible, whether during a hospital stay, an emergency room visit or recurrent pain like headaches. We have numerous methods of preventing and controlling pain that are often safer and more effective than medicines alone. Every child’s pain control method is designed to meet his or her needs. Learn more.

Children’s educational materials

KidsHealth and Children’s Minnesota provides expert-approved health resources for parents, kids, teens, and educators. This is a helpful place for families to find age-appropriate tools for learning about general health, the body, medical diagnoses, illness and injuries, and feelings.  Learn more.


Books are a great way to start a conversation with a child about what he or she is thinking and feeling about stressful events. Child life specialists at Children’s Minnesota recommend the following books for children in the hospital, their siblings and parents.

Recommended reading