We’re experts on feeding

If you’re worried that your child isn’t eating well, trust your gut. Families seek out the feeding clinic at Children’s Minnesota for our comprehensive approach in evaluating and treating conditions that affect the ability to consume food so your child receives adequate nourishment.

Eating and swallowing requires a whole group of systems working well together, to take in and digest the fuel that powers healthy growth and function. Although feeding fulfills a basic need, sometimes the process is neither basic nor simple.

When feeding or swallowing becomes a struggle for your child, our team works through the unique challenges of your situation, and we put all the pieces together to build a custom plan.

Our team helps your team better manage mealtime

At Children’s, we gather together a multidisciplinary team to thoroughly evaluate your child’s feeding concerns. We examine the situation from all angles and formulate a solution. With the cross-functional insights of our experts, families are often pleasantly surprised by the effective solutions suggested that they had not considered. A few key facts include:

  • Families come from Minnesota as well as Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota to access the region’s only complete team approach for feeding concerns.
  • When additional support is necessary, the feeding clinic team works hand-in-hand with our physical rehabilitation services or we identify a therapy location close to the family’s home.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.