Thoracic surgery

Thoracic surgery is surgery for conditions that affect organs inside the thorax (chest), with the exception of the heart. (See our cardiovascular program for more information on heart surgery.) At Children’s, thoracic surgeries may include:

  • Corrections of chest wall deformities
  • Tumor removals
  • Airway reconstructions
  • Esophageal, diaphragm, or pulmonary surgeries

Your child’s unique needs, including your child’s diagnosis, age, and other factors, will determine which types of physicians and surgeons are part of your surgery team at Children’s. Pediatric general surgeons, cardiovascular surgeonsENT surgeonspulmonary specialistsneonatologists, critical care physicians and hematology/oncology physicians are some of the possible members of your child’s surgery team.

Your child’s primary care physician, pulmonologist, critical care physician or oncologist can help determine the right team of surgeons and physicians to treat for your child. To find primary care physician, visit Find a doctor.